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Phone Number

+ 44 (0) 1482 329045

Fire Brigade

BA Control Boards & Tallies

Seco BA Board Stage 1 for men c/w clock and calculator

Seco BA Board Stage 2 for upto 12 Man use c/w Clock & Calculator

Seco BA Board Tallies Split Ring and Dog Clips

BA Cylinder Covers

Protective BA Cylinder Covers manufactured in different types of material including flame resistant. Reinforced Webbing areas for wear & tear

Protective BA Face Mask Bags manufactured from a variety of materials, can be made to your own individual specification

BA Logbook Covers manufactured in several different materials and to customers own specifications

Tabards can be manufactured from a variety of materials including reflective photo-luminescent tape.

Fire Fighting Equipment / Accessories

BA Guide Line and Storage Bag 60Mtr> Length

Diktron DSX MK Automatic Distress signal unit

Motion Scout Next Generation Stand-alone Personal Alert Safety System

Seco Nomex Anti Flash Hood Open Face Style

Seco Protex Anti Flash Hood Open Face Style

SECO Fire Fighting Helmets

Professional Fire Fighting Jet Style Helmet Approved to EN 443

Helmet can be purchased with or without the aluminised neck curtain. Med and en 443:2008

SECO Fire Suits

The Seco Aluminised Foundry/Furnace Suit made from heavy duty Aluminised Cloth