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Aluminised Foundry/Furnace Suit

The Seco Foundry/Furnace Suit is manufactured from heavy duty Aluminised Outer Cloth with a Composite Backed Inner Lining and Tested to: EN531 : (1995) including A1 (1998) EN532 : EN1486 (2007), ISO 15538 (2001) 2009/26/EC

It is specifically designed for Foundry and Furnace Workers where protection from radiant heat molton metal splash and direct flame is a priority. This suit is manufactured in universal size, is waterproof and can be easily cleaned after use.

Jacket, lined, high collar protection, Velcro fastening. Trousers, lined, with adjustable braces.

Gloves, heat, water, chemical and oil resistant leather, with knitted cuff and 100% Kevlar Lining approved to EN 659 (2003)