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Motion Scout Personal Alert Safety System


The next generation of stand-alone personal alert safety systems motionSCOUT detects the cessation of bodily movement and activates an automatic alarm. For enhanced safety the alarm can be activated manually also. motionSCOUT is extremely simple to use. The sensitive, electronic motion sensor recognises all normal body movements. Maintenance-free and durable motionSCOUT guarantees a great cost-performance-ratio.

[ Easy Operation ]
With two buttons the operation is very simple and intuitive. The large button is to activate the manual alarm and the smaller button to turn the unit on. For additional safety the motionSCOUT can only be turned off when pushing both buttons simultaneously. A bi-colour LED clearly shows the readiness of the unit, green proving the functionality and red for low battery indication.

[ Robust Design ]
The motionSCOUT design is compact, robust and watertight [IP67] and is built to withstand the toughest applications. The integrated gasket between the upper and lower housing ensures a watertight seal even when the batteries have been changed. With the rugged suspension clip, motionSCOUT can be easily and securely attached to either shoulder strap or hip belt.

[ Distinctive Alarm System ]
The superior alarm system consists of a distinctive audible alarm of 95 dB at 3 m and superbright LEDs. In the event of non-motion, the pre-alarm sounds after ~25 seconds with a reduced sound volume. After a further 15 seconds of non-motion, the full-alarm sounds.