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Helideck and Marine Safety Equipment

Air Horns

Gas Air Horns & Replacement Canisters

Foam Buoyancy Aids

Bright colour and reflective panels for excellent visibility




Immersion Suits

With compact buoyancy pillow, designed to support the head of the wearer when floating face up

Manufactured from 5mm double lined fire retardant Neoprene


Encapsulated Floating Rescue Line for use with 30

Floating Line for use with Lifebuoys and water rescue applications

Offshore Ropes, Nets & Ladders

In sizes ranging from 2.0 metres to 4.0 metres square, are manufactured from…

Form a barrier between ship and quayside and positioned below the gangway, offer excellent safety to personnel during embarkation

Constructed from Braided Polyester, Braided Nylon Cord or 3 Strand Staplespun Rope with mesh

Easily deployed means of evacuation

Provide a means of evacuation from Oil Rigs and Platforms and are made from Staplespun Rope

Twin Life Jackets

Light and flexible twin chamber Lifejacket

Easy to don and work in whilst still retaining high-in water performance

Elite Twin 275N Plus

Easy to don and work in whilst still retaining high-in water performance

Either one or both of the 60g CO2 cylinders fitted can be activated to achieve buoyancy

Buoyancy is provided by two completely independent chambers

High Buoyancy Working Jacket suitable for all marine enviroments