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Gallet Professional Fire Fighters Helmet.

Gallet F1 XF helmet sets the new standard in firefighter head protection with significant innovative enhancements: Sophisticated new design to offer best in class protection, comfort and adjustability Eye and face protection with unique adjustments for enhanced protection, fit and comfort Modularity for reduced cost of ownership and increased flexibility A modern design that is stylish and integrates functionalities in a way never seen beforeWith the Gallet F1 XF MSA is capitalizing on an outstanding expertise of millions of fire helmets sold and used day by day around the globe. Over 200 firefighters in 25 countries contributed directly with their experience and advice to the development of this new product. Furthermore the close cooperation of various specialized MSA design centers creates synergies in the protection of head, eye, face, respiratory, hearing protection and communications that the Gallet F1 XF integrates and translates in a new dimension of benefits for enhanced user satisfaction.Protection fromall types of hazards Shell made from high heat resistantengineered thermoplastic with waterbasedpaint coating layer proven toprovide best protection againstmechanical, thermal, flame, chemical andother typical hazardsMaximum performanceto reduce risk of injuries Aramide reinforced impact liner withsignificantly extended coverage on crownand lateral areas, exceeding Europeanstandard requirements Reduced transmitted force to the head byadditional suspension systemGap free protection  Excellent coverage of helmet shell andface shield, ocular visor, neck and throatprotection to provide all around protectionfrom impacts, projections, heat and flames