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Fric Landing net

Frictape Helideck Landing Net is known as the global market leader in helideck safety nets. Its unique, innovative materials and balanced, low-profile structure ensure that helicopters and personnel can always enjoy safe and hassle-free operations on any landing deck where total safety is needed.The safest net in the marketFrictape Landing Net is a market leader for a reason. It is known to retain its form and tension in all conditions and has a superior estimated lifetime of up to five years – this results in not only best safety in the industry but also lowest total cost over life. The net’s low-profile knotless design and unique non-stretch material – developed and manufactured in-house by Frictape – provide total safety for demanding operations, with minimal need for maintenance.As the only nets in the world, our nets have a proven friction coefficient of over 0,65. The low knotless structure – less than 2,5 cm high – ensures safe and effortless walking on the deck. In addition to this, the material is electrostatically safe and non-flammable.Frictape Landing Net always retains its form, regardless of the weather conditions. The lightweight material allows for the effortless handling, transportation and storing of the net, all this while making helideck maintenance and cleaning easy. The net’s compact packaging is designed to fit through standard vessel doors. Once a Frictape Landing Net is properly installed, it does not need to be tightened or loosened during normal helideck operations. On top of this, the installation of Frictape Landing Nets is remarkably fast, taking no more than a few hours