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Challenger Lifejackets

Few areas are more demanding than commercial marine workwear,
where our unrivalled expertise and technology come into their own.
In the Challenger brand, ISP has developed a range of products which carry all the relevant approvals and accreditation for wearers to be certain of safety at the sharp end.

With its many options and extras, the Challenger range surpasses any expectation.

For example, the Challenger Worksafe range of single chamber jackets
is used extensively by professionals working in or near a marine environment. The patented interlocking lobe design, gives in-water protection by channelling water and spray away from the airways.
A range of foam lifejackets are manufactured with CE, UK D.O.T. or S.O.L.A.S. approvals.

Patented design features

Meanwhile, the Challenger Offshore 150, Challenger Interlock 275 and HP70 jackets are ISP’s answer to the S.O.L.A.S. requirement. As twin chambered jackets with automatic firing mechanisms, whistle, light,
retro-reflective tape and lift/grab loops, they are specifically designed to meet the rigours of constant wear and/or abandonment. Two carry the same patented lobe design as the Worksafe, while the HP70 is a yoke style bladder and cover.