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Seco S200 Combi cutting and spreading tool for Helicopter Crash Rescue Kit in accordance with CAP Regulations. Immediately deployed,hand operated combi-cutting tool for confined space, remote rescue and Hazardous area operations. HSS hand operated cutters have a pump body and lever that can rotate through 360°. It is therefore possible to work with these cutters in any position and therefore in a more comfortable working position. The integrated double-speed manual pump makes the tool being ready for work within seconds.•Can be used in all positions, horizontal or vertical•Build-in safety valveThe S200 cutter is equipped with “parrot” type blades. This type of blades means that the object to cut is brought to the centre of the blades which means better cutting performance on flat and heavy objects. HSS100, on the other side, is equipped with “eagle” type of blades. Those blades are serrated which gives better grip on large objects.Both blade types are replaceable with each other.Max cutting Force 277KN. Max Opening 200mm Spreading 135mm Cutting. Weight with Tips 9.7kg