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SECO Handlamp 251A ATEX Approved

Hand Lamp. Length 185mm x 130 mm x 140mm. Weight 1.8 kg. Charger. Length 190mm x 125mm x 110mm. Weight 1 kg. The Seco 251A is a rechargeable hand lamp approved to British Standards and suitable for use in hazardous zones 1 & 2. Applications include the Petrochemicals & Offshore Industries, Fire Fighting and Gas. It is constructed from highly durable polypropylene copolymer, designed to withstand the effects of heavy industrial use. The glass less is scratch & scuff resistant and will not discolour when in contact with chemicals. The mark II has charging contacts on the base of the lamp to enable battery charging in situ’ using the Seco 251A Charger. The Seco 251A conforms with the D.O.T Class 1 ” Safety Lamp” Specification, regulation 17 of SOLAS & Carries Lloyds Register of Approval Certification. The Hand Lamp comes complete with battery pack, lock key and shoulder lanyard. Light duration up to 4 hours. Ingress protection IP54. Now ATEX Approved