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Oldham GTL Handlamps and GT Caplamps

Wisdom KL4MS ATEX Group II LED Miners Cap Lamp Rechargeable ATEX Group II rated & certified LED / lithium ion helmet mounted lamp.ATEX Group II Rated & Certified Wisdom KL4MS Cap Lamp – 11,000 Lux / 167 Lumens / 13 Hour Run-TimeThe Wisdom range of corded miners lamps are designed to withstand the hardships of commercial mining, quarrying and confined space working. The lamps are built to a very high standard, and provide an unrivalled combination of performance and affordability. The KL4MS ATEX Group II will run on full power for 13 hours on a single charge, and can be charged using the supplied USB cable, or the optional USB Power Pack, or using the Wisdom NWB-20 or NWB-25A LiIon ‘keyway’ smart chargers; or, for larger scale installations, on Wisdom rack chargers. The KL4MS ATEX Group II lamp uses a genuine Cree LED and genuine Sanyo LiIon rechargeable batteries. It provides both an excellent beam – capable of illuminating objects 210m distant – and a good spread of light allowing you to see foreground and distance. The lamp weighs just 440g and is IP68 rated – totally dust tight, protected against prolonged effects of immersion under pressure. ATEX Group II certified for use in hazardous/explosive environments and confined spaces. ATEX Group 2: II 2 G Ex ib IIB T6 Gb. The KL4MS ATEX Group II is a fantastic working lamp at a very affordable price.