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MSA S-Cap Escape Hood


[Hood for Escape from Fire]

It has been proven that most victims during dramatic circumstances due to a fire do not get injured by heat or flames but from smoke and gases. S-CAP is an escape hood especially designed to protect persons endangered by smoke and gases generated by fires. The most dangerous of them is carbon monoxide. S-CAP provides an effective protection for eyes, head and especially the respiratory tract, and thus persons can rescue themselves with little risk.

The smoke hood S-CAP features a clearly visible bright yellow hood fitted with a wide lens allowing a large field of vision. Inside the hood, a nose cup gives a perfect adaptation to a wide variety of head and face sizes and is directly connected to a multipurpose filter with a broad protection range, including carbon monoxide. For a better respiratory comfort, the hood is also equipped with an exhalation valve. The adjustable head harness located on the outside of the hood is directly attached to the nose cup. Once tightened, the hood fits the head closely. The hood material, as well as the harness and the lens, are resistant against heat and short flame contact.

  • Simple and quick handling
  • Safe protection of respiratory tracts, eyes and head
  • Easy donning also for persons wearing spectacles
  • Large field of vision
  • High performance filterC