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Draeger PSS 5000 BA Set

Utilizing the established Dräger PSSPneumatics and cylinder strap design, the theDräger PSS 5000 combines established technology, state-of-the-art materials and innovative thinking to create an SCBA for virtually any application. ERGONOMIC CARRYING SYSTEMThe Dräger PSS 5000 has been designed to be not only comfortable but also extremely stable during use in harsh firefighting environments. Incorporating rigid harness connection to a fixed-height back plate, advanced harness materials and a pivoting waist belt, the Dräger PSS5000 remains in position regardless of the task in hand. ADVANCED HARNESS choice to allow the breathing apparatus to be tailored to the required application, the Dräger PSS 5000 utilizes new state-of-the-art harness materials offered in a choice of 2 harness options.– The Dräger Standard (DS) harness is a cost effective option for everyday use, offering a high level of comfort and durability. Easy to don and off materials and simple pull forward and down adjustment mechanisms make the DS harness a versatile option for a wide variety of applications.– The Dräger Professional (DP) utilises materials to withstand the high wear and tear that firefighters face daily, whilst providing an enhanced level of comfort and function over the DS harness. Incorporating hardwearing stainless buckles and long-life Aramid blend webbing, the DP is ideally suited to extended wear and frequent use